Learn what we do as brand consultants.

A lot of businesses may be unclear as to what a brand consultant does, and just how crucial this role could be in bringing sustained success to an organisation. We’re about to break it down for you right here.

If you don’t have a strong brand, how can you create a connection with your customers? How can people differentiate your own offering from the hundreds of competitors out there?

It takes a lot of work to create a brand that resonates, and that’s where a brand consultant comes in.

As brand consultants, we help, guide, or create a branding strategy that will help our clients attract new customers and retain existing ones. Additionally, a large part of the overall brand consultancy service is to help identify and overcome any challenges that could negatively impact brand image, and subsequent performance/equity.

How does a brand consultant work?

A brand consultant works with a client to develop and maintain consistent messaging across all platforms and media output.

Our responsibilities in this role typically include:

Market Research

Market research involves analysing the current and future trends that may impact the brand, and also making determinations as to where the brand sits in the market in its current guise.

A large part of market research also concerns the development of an understanding of the brand’s target audience, and the analysis of the existing and potential customer base, to gain insight into how they feel about the brand, what they want from it, and how it answers their needs.

Brand Strategy

Developing a brand strategy effectively guides the brand positioning in the market based on results from the initial market research phase.

Brand strategies comprise many components with the objective of bringing consistency to presentation of the brand. They include:

Brand guidelines, which create standards and set best practices for the way in which your brand is presented – both externally and internally.

Brand training, where employees are trained to communicate the brand message to clients and customers effectively.

Brand performance evaluation, during which time audits are conducted of brand communications to make certain they are well aligned with the overall brand strategy.

The creation of brand awareness campaigns, to increase brand equity, reach and awareness. It’s important to note that there are two kinds of planning involved in campaigns, long-term, and short-term. For example, a short-term campaign might do well to capture an audience for a specific course, programme, service or product, which is great. However, long-term campaigns will give a better opportunity of securing retention because people will be able to connect with and remember the brand itself, rather than the single product.

Developing brand architecture, which is the framework that defines how a brand, its sub-brands and affiliates are structured and connected.

Conducting competitive brand analysis, to keep tabs on the competition and remain competitive.Analysing brand perception, which provides us with an understanding of how our target markets think of us as a brand.

It’s extremely challenging to create a standout brand identity with any degree of originality, and yet it’s essential to maximise any real chance of landing with your market, no matter how niche you may be.

As a brand consultant, we provide services to help develop differentiation strategies that will make our clients stand out in the market.

We help to create unique brand identities and marketing campaigns backed by data, that resonate – helping to both retain existing customers and gain new ones.

Our role requires analytical skills, creative and strategic thinking, and collaboration, but most of all, the experience of knowing what it takes to move businesses to the next level.

And that’s how we do it…