Design = meaning.

Hit Creative is focused on providing meaningful brand experiences using our expertise in all forms of graphic design for businesses across London.

We provide holistic design solutions for clients in a range of sectors, from architecture and construction, to finance, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and news/media blogs.


We work on rebranding, rebuilding and redesign websites and collateral. We rely on our understanding of current market trends across sectors, but more than this, our ability to take a visionary approach that prefers not to follow, but to set trends. We focus our energy on developing unique market leading design ideas that deliver distinctive brand experiences for our clients, from collateral to print, digital marketing and product packaging.

Brand Design

We strive to encapsulate the values and story of brand within our design work, providing a fresh approach that focuses on setting our clients apart from their competitors.

Digital Design

Making online experiences beautiful is our passion. We provide full website and digital design solutions to elevate our clients’ online presence and produce a uniquely memorable online experience.


Brand collateral that supports a business in maximising exposure, understanding and ultimately sales. We produce the tactile material to complement the brand strategy.


We will always be passionate about print. Print design will never take a back seat, and the digitalisation of so many aspects of life have served to make it more important than ever.


Bold, eye-catching packaging design that creates a standout presence on the shelves, and a lasting impression on customers that makes the product impossible to forget.


An internationally renowned approach to campaign creation and activation. Our talents across every segment of marketing and PR makes us the ideal partner for all brands.

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